Welcome to ClearCompliance.

Whether you are brand new to enSift or an owner of one of the more than 100,000 oil and gas site locations currently utilizing the Clear Compliance platform…we want you to know that we are hard at work lowering the cost of regulatory compliance in the North American upstream.

Integrated and Comprehensive

Manage your inactive wells, pipelines, SCVF, abandonments, inspections and more all in one place.

Realtime Scorecard

See how your organization is performing as you get through your yearly compliance tasks.

Proactive Management

Avoid receiving enforcement letters by staying ahead of compliance requirements.

Inactive Wells

ClearCompliance automatically determines what work is required, when it has to be done, and what is already overdue.

With this level of comprehensive asset and compliance data available on demand and in real time, organizing, planning and executing inactive well work becomes more than manageable…you can now create accurate long term well work forecasts and preemptively respond to resource intensive periods on the horizon with enSift ClearCompliance “Level Loading” functionality.

Stay on top of regulation changes and the impact they have on work requirements.

Regulatory changes impacting producers around the world are always in a dynamic state of change. For producers in Canada, the enSift compliance team are continually combing jurisdictional authorities for these changes which are then rapidly integrated into the ClearCompliance asset management platform. Automated prompting for the producer indicates where these specific changes require additional work or supplemental regulatory reporting.

Inspection and Suspension Submissions

Streamline the regulatory Inspection and Suspension process using enSift ClearCompliance bulk file upload functionality that not only makes the overall lift a lot smaller, enSift’s intelligent content curation identifies incomplete or erroneously reported activities that will dramatically reduce the amount of costly rework and re-submissions.

Inactive Pipelines


Inactive wells and pipelines become non-compliant at different points in time and staying on top of this disconnect is extremely resource intensive. Missing a pipeline discontinuation deadline not only flags your pipeline as “Non-Compliant”, it will add unnecessary additional time and costs to the re-activation process.

enSift ClearCompliance makes it easy to identify these pipelines that will require discontinuation, schedule the work to be done and avoid pipeline related compliance issues before they occur. Additional benefits enabled by enSift’s intelligent content management might include flagging this type of work to identify municipal tax reductions that will contribute to an overall reduced cost of compliance for your company.

Save costs by planning pipeline work to coincide with well work.

Right of Way Inspections

Ensuring you’re compliant in every aspect of your business is a top priority for us and ROW matters are no exception. Schedule inspections, find existing or potential issues and generate work orders to fix those issues.

Surface Casing Vent Flows

Testing and Repairs

Save time tracking your vent flows and managing your repair program. ClearCompliance tracks specific testing/repair requirements and deadlines. Use it to track waivers and expiry dates so you never miss a deadline again.

Use the built-in graphs to compare SCVF and determine trends allowing your team to make informed decisions.


Find reported liability that no longer exists.

The LLR report is a high level view of what the regulator believes your liabilities to be, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s 100% accurate. From the moment ClearCompliance is enabled, it goes deeper to tease out quick LLR related wins that are hiding in plain sight. When used as the primary System of Record for all compliance activity, ClearCompliance has the ability to leverage intelligent content curation to spot potential wins that have fallen through the cracks. Issues that might include, died out SCVF’s or zonal abandonments, that haven’t made their way into the public record can now be sifted and submitted which optimizes available LLR reductions.

For companies hovering around an LLR of 1.0 these hidden wins can be huge and reduce the potential of bond posting or increased levels of regulatory scrutiny and friction during M&A activity.

Abandoned, Reclamation and Remediation

Stay organized while on the road to a Rec Certification.

Keep track of where each abandoned site is at on the road to receiving a Rec Certification. Build out multi-year plans as you move abandoned wells through this process. Use LLR ratings vs. actual estimates to identify sites that will bring you the best bang for your buck. You can also track fixed costs such mineral/surface rentals and taxes that are carry costs until the moment the Rec Certification is received.

enSift Connect

Real-Time, Cloud-Synchronized Field Data

Use enSift Connect’s real time digital capture platform to realize the full value of the ClearCompliance asset management suite. Our operational data and asset inspection tablets can be used across your asset base to gather and share information cross-functionally in near real time. No signal…no problem, enSift Connect caches off-grid work that is pushed to the CC cloud when connectivity is reestablished. Integrated content management ensures that operational and compliance information is automatically curated and distributed across the enterprise, which dramatically reduces the inefficiencies associated with multi-touch paper based work flows and the problem of silo-stranded information.

enSift Connect allows operations, maintenance and compliance teams to create, share and track projects based on custom or established well or site lists. Synchronization between enSift Connect tablets in the field and the cloud based ClearCompliance asset management platform, dramatically reduces operational administration costs as digital inspections and connected image files are automatically uploaded and directed to their target audience.

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