Product Overview
Our Asset Workflow Management system is focused on all the mandated and mundane work (chores). It provides the flexibility of working with whichever 3rd party vendor you prefer, while validating and processing the quality of the input data. Delivering consistent outcomes, you can trust that all of your data is accessible and stored in one spot.

Core Capabilities

Helps energy companies manage operational chores. ClearOps uses automation to ensure work is performed and processed correctly and follow-up work is found. All of this reduces risk in an efficient and cost effective manner.
  • Determines your work as it relates to Fugitive Emissions, Vent Flows, Inactive Wells and Pipelines, Packer Isolation tests and more using the regulatory rules and past work history to determine the work required and when it's required
  • Analyzes what happens next including the ability to see work requirements 5 years out into the future. Provides feedback of next steps resulting in a prescriptive strategy.
  • Tracks all of your work and approvals all in one spot
  • Stores all your field activities, test and inspection details, including costs
  • Captures quick inventory lists while performing other inspections allowing you to quickly redeploy inventory from inactive well sites. The Advanced Search, as an example, allows searching for pump jacks on inactive wells in your operating field.

Competitive Differentiator

ClearOps handles the work that no other competitive system can.

Using automation, it eliminates the mandated and mundane chores, resulting in efficiency and substantial cost savings.