Product Overview
A financial guide to help navigate operational decisions. Compass provides a better understanding of your liability and how your current spend impacts your ARO and fixed costs.

Core Capabilities:

  • Highlights financial changes over time including the ability to see detailed increases and decreases of ARO and fixed costs
  • Maximizes operational fixed cost savings and LLR reductions when planning end-of-life work
  • Supports divestiture planning by illustrating the impact on LLR, ARO and Fixed costs
  • Compares real field data to LLR data, uncovering potential LLR reductions
Before using Compass I spent so much money on abandonments but the ARO didn't reflect the spend. Why? It was impossible to see the impact this work had.
- WCSB Operator

Competitive Differentiator

Compass ensures visibility between dollars spent and the return on that investment. This visibility is achieved by consolidating and tracking detailed changes over time.