Product Overview
In a sustainability focussed world, especially downstream of the 2019 Redwater decision and the recent commitment of the Canadian government at the Glasgow COP26 Climate Conference, simply stating your company’s ESG values is not enough.

Whether it is the general public, regulators, investors, partners, or your own board of directors, companies need to continually translate their operational activities on the ground into tangible evidence that they are executing on their asset stewardship responsibilities.  

Core Capabilities

  • Provides up to date enterprise-wide compliance awareness for activities involving well abandonment programs, inactive well vent flows, fugitive emissions screenings, pipeline inspections, lease inspections, surface reclamations and environmental assessments.
  • When combined with enSift’s Connect intelligent field data capture, provides for real-time progress tracking of related in-house and outsourced field compliance activity that is automatically captured and displayed in VitalSigns integrated BI.
  • Provides ESG compliance management score-carding at the individual site, operating area, business unit and corporate level.

Competitive Differentiator

VitalSigns transforms your company’s compliance and regulatory performance information into valuable insights for all stakeholders and it does it with unmatched efficiency. VitalSigns algorithms replace long lead time, resource intensive reporting process with up to the minute performance intelligence which turns regulatory stewardship into a competitive advantage.