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We're constantly innovating to help your organization be more efficient, meet and exceed environmental standards, and reduce risk.

Our Values

We're focused on Energy to promote effective Environmental, Social and Governance behaviours

This allows us to listen first and thoughtfully respond to the needs of our customers as they deal with the operational challenges brought upon by a very fast changing world.

We strive to promote a new level of transparency between Energy Producers and all Stakeholders. In doing so, we are planting the seeds of trust in the relationship between Industry and those looking in.
We innovate on behalf of our customers, inventing new technologies and streamlining existing ones to dramatically reduce the cost of asset ownership.
We lead with new ideas both in and outside industry, helping turn the page on an adversarial history and write a new chapter of cooperation between Stakeholders.
We first educate ourselves and let that understanding be reflected in the products we build and the services we offer.
We are a purpose-driven technology company that exists to cut the “Cost of Compliance” in half for upstream asset owners.
Our Team


Leading tech innovation with decades of industry-specific domain expertise.

Mark Proud
Chief Executive Officer

Mark is the Co-Founder and CEO of enSift Sustainability Intelligence where he leads a diverse team of talented developers, engineers, data scientist’s and sustainability process architects who have come together to solve some of the most overlooked and misunderstood ESG stewardship challenges faced by the energy industry today.A graduate of the British Columbia Institute of Technology, Mark began his regulatory management career with Petro-Canada. Later Mark went on to co-found one of the oil and gas sectors first regulatory risk management firms focused on asset liability, volume recognition and fugitive emissions reporting that served customers acrossNorth America, Europe, Africa and the Asia Pacific region. In 2011 he became involved in the software industry where he designed and launched an award-winningIFRS compliance management application that supported oil and gas revenue recognition, which for fans of HBO's Silicon Valley, was called PIDE Piper.

Bryan Davies
Chief Technology Officer

As a Co-Founder and CTO of enSift Sustainability Intelligence, Bryan leads a team of developers and engineers that are the beating heart of the enSift SI platform that is now the fastest growing environmental sustainability management application in the energy sector.After graduating computer engineering at SAIT, Bryan began his career at NortelNetworks working on numerous machine vision enabled industrial applications. Later transitioning to the oil and gas industry he directed his full attention to the subject of targeted AI involving physical asset retirement and infrastructure related risk management. A decade on from that transition Bryan and his team are now responsible for the oil and gas sectors first AI enabled sustainability management platform, enSift SI, already supporting ESG best practices at more than 140,000 upstream oil and gas production sites less than 18 months on from beta-launch.

Logan Gabert
VP - Product Design

As a Co-Founder and VP of Product Design at enSift Sustainability Intelligence Logan brings an amazingly diverse background that draws upon his experience and understanding of upstream production and regulatory compliance, where he has led numerous regulatory best practice initiatives for major international producers. In addition to domain specific regulatory expertise, as an artist, photographer and touring musician, Logan brings a thoughtful eye to his work as he strives to reimagine product design and user experience for a new category of AI assisted enterprise asset management products. A strong proponent of 'Practice What You Preach', Logan has worked hard to promote the ideal that work and life can co-exist elegantly in a connected world, as evidenced in 2019 as he led the enSift design team remotely, while playing to sold out shows on a 30 date European tour with his band.

Cameron Murdoch

Cameron Murdoch is the Executive Director, Sales Operations for Canada and the EU at enSift Sustainability Intelligence. Mr. Murdoch has had a 30-year career in business development and a 20 year plus track record in executive management in the MedTech space and the Energy sector. His expertise in commercial market development and stakeholder education will provide tremendous advantages to enSift SI customers adjusting to heightened levels of stakeholder attention in the most high-profile area of their business.Mr. Murdoch has been a key executive in the development of organizations from the ground up including strategic planning, operational excellence, and development of sales organizations. He has held senior leadership positions with Johnson andJohnson, Amgen, Kyphon (now a Medtronic Company) and Packers Plus.Cameron is an Alumni of Augustana University and the U of A with his executive leadership education continuing at Stanford and Princeton.

Steve Parr

Steve is an enterprise cloud industry veteran with over twenty years of diverse experience with both early and late-stage enterprise companies. Steve spent the last decade as a security engineering manager growing a global cloud protection platform for the security giant Symantec in Mountain View, California.

Steve Moores

Steve brings his deep background in AI augmented application development acquired in energy, fintech and real estate to his role at enSift. At enSift Steve leads the ClearOps team as they leverage targetedAI to re-invent the economics of asset management, beginning with auto-enabled ESG stewardship at scale for energy companies around the world.

Michael Quashie
Principal Advisor - ML

Michael is a respected thought leader in the field of applied machine learning for power system predictive analytics - an electrical engineer by trade with strong analytical skills and advanced knowledge in power systems planning, operations and optimization, stochastic programming, SCADA systems, relational database systems and hyper parameter optimization of machine learning models. Mike is a graduate of McGill University where he attained his PhD in Electrical Engineering, which he leveraged as a specialist at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), working as part of a team that developed the Distributed Energy Resources Customer Adoption Model.

Our Team


Our small support team that ensures our customers are well taken care of and enjoy most seamless experience possible.

Our Board

Advisory Board Members

Michael Ritter
Mr. Ritter is the President of Hexagon Positioning Intelligence, a global technology leader, pioneering end-to-end solutions for assured positioning on land, sea, and air. Hexagon’s Positioning Intelligence division includes leading brands NovAtel, VERIPOS and AutonomouStuff whose combined technology and solutions are critical to precision agriculture, defense, automotive, autonomous-transportation, marine, survey, oil and gas and many other applications deployed across the globe.  Prior to joining Hexagon PI Mr. Ritter held the position of President and CEO of NovAtel, whose technologies focus on GNSS and INS (Inertial Navigation Systems), including global corrections services, anti-jamming and anti-spoofing, as well as advanced algorithms for specialized applications.
Thomas Marchok
Dr. Marchok is the former Director of theSoftware and Services Group at Intel where he also served as the technical advisor to the IntelBoard of Directors. Tom later held the position ofInvestment Director at Intel Capital for 11 years where he was responsible for corporate venture capital investing and strategic corporate development. He is a graduate of CarnegieMellon University where he received his BS inComputer Engineering and Mathematics before returning to later complete a PhD. in Electrical and Computer Engineering. After migrating toSilicon Valley Tom attended Stanford BusinessSchool before moving into more executive management roles at Qualcomm and Cisco before finally joining Amazon Web Services where he is currently a member of the AWSPrivate Equity Investment Group.
Dan Erhardt
Mr. Erhardt is the President and CEO of Arcus Power, a global leader in Smart Grid Predictive Analytics and the fast growing Intelligent Power Modelling field. A dedicated power market professional, Mr. Erhardt is widely regarded as a key thought leader with a proven ability to align value, opportunity and a strong sense of social responsibility as he and his team develop solutions that benefit large industrial and commercial power consumers and create meaningful efficiencies for electric systems around the world. Mr. Erhardt is a former power markets trader at TransAlta, where he led a new market development group and actively traded in the Alberta, California ISO, Pacific Northwest and the Desert South West power markets. Prior to joining TransAlta Mr. Erhardt worked in the field of oil and gas commercial optimization and asset acquisition. An avid outdoors man and a graduate of the University of Calgary (Economics), Mr. Erhardt and his family continue to call the city of Calgary home.